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That Was One Time
A character points out an embarrasing thing another one did once, and the other character instantly defends themselves.
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Sometimes a character will mention an embarrasing thing another character did. This can be one time they really messed up, acted like a jerk, or just something they don't want others to know. The other character will instantly blush or go into a small shock, replying "That was once!" in their own defense, to reassure the others that no, they aren't usually like this.

Contrast Remember When You Blew Up a Sun?, which acknowledges a positive moment. For when the others believe this is or acts how the character is all the time, see Never Live It Down.

  • A Noodle Incident from Real Genius:
    Knight: What about that time I found you naked with that bowl of Jell-O?
    Kent: You did not.
    Knight: This is true.
    Kent: Look, it was hot and I was hungry, okay?

  • Jara Cimrman's theatre's plays have two parts: a lecture about a Czech genius Jaroslav Cimrman, a brilliant scientist and artist, and then follows one of Cimrman's plays, performed with Bad Bad Acting. During one lecture, the Cimrmanologists boast that they gained a chair that used to belong to Cimrman himself and that they take turns at who gets to sit on it. Mr Weigel enthusiastically tells the audience that Mr Sverak call the chair Jarushka, a pet name for Jaroslava. Mr Sverak stands, uptight, and with a stony face says, very strictly: "Once!"

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