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Explaining Your Power to the Enemy
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(Did a search and didn't see a trope that covered this, let me know if we have one. Needs more examples and possibly snappier name)

Villains like to gloat, no surprises there. However, this gloating does not always end at explain one's entire plan to the hero. Occasionally, a villain, or hero even, generally one with magical powers, a special ability, or a special item will explain their power to the protagonist. Even though leaving this ability a mystery would be a huge advantage, the villain is so sure of themselves (or REALLY just not thinking ahead) that they will give up some information, or explain their power in great detail before using it on the hero.

Of course, this gives the hero the information and some extra time to deal with the situation. This is often something of a subtrope of Viewers Are Morons and very commonly found in shonen titles, though it is not uncommon for the character to explain their powers even if it has already been stated or shown how they work. Also a subtrope of Inaction Sequence, with the extra bonus that the villain is making a glaring mistake. Additionally, a close cousin to Luckily My Powers Will Protect Me, but the person explaining their powers is doing it to the absolute LAST person they should be.

See also Evil Gloating and Trash Talk.


  • In Darker Than Black, Hei encounters a contractor while on a mission. Said contractor uses his own blood as a medium to destroy his opponents. Despite this contractor having every reason to suspect that Hei is a also a very dangerous contractor, the contractor quickly explains how his powers work before getting into a fight.

  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pegasus explains the abilities of his Millennium Eye to Yugi, including the ability to read minds. This gives Yugi the chance to come up with a counter stratagem. (I'm going from a randomly caught part of an episode here, someone correct me if this is wrong).

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