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Wham Shot
The visual Wham Line
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A Wham Episode radically alters a Story Arc while a Wham Line is a line that radically alters a scene.

An unexpected move, or even a change of expression of one of the characters, can be all that's needed to alter a scene completely. It can actually be any event that doesn't need any characters commenting it for the viewer to realise an important twist is happening. In literature or any other written narratives, the Wham Line and the Wham Shot can be the the same thing. In visual media however, the Wham Line tends to be a line of dialogue. The Wham Shot is anything else that can happen to alter a scene and is visible to the viewer or reader. Like its verbal or written cousin, the Wham Shot can be part of a Wham Episode or of The Reveal. It also has to be completely unexpected.

Different from Reveal Shot as it doesn't necessarily involve moving the camera to show the surprising element, but overlapping between the two tropes can be quite frequent.

Possible special cases : Revealing Hug, Traitor Shot, Reaction Shot

Warning : unmarked spoilers below
  • Judgement Day: An astronaut was deciding whether a planet of robots was fit for membership in the Federation Of Planets. He judged against them because the orange robots discriminated against the blue robots. In the final panel, he took off his helmet, revealing himself to be a black man.

  • The shot revealing "Rosebud" at the end of Citizen Kane.
  • The shot of Mother in Psycho.
  • In Vertigo when Judy flashes back to pretending to be Madeleine to help fake her suicide .
  • Planet of the Apes: The shot of the buried Statue of Liberty, showing that the astronauts are on Earth and not an alien planet.

Live-Action TV
  • In Noob, one of the characters attacks a enemy player that seems to be present near his group just by chance, only to have his guild master (that he hadn't seen in weeks) block his sword.
  • The shot at the end of Community episode Introduction To Finality revealing Starburns faked his death.
  • On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this is how we see that spoiler: Tara has been shot by Warren
  • On The West Wing after the shooting the camera follows Toby around the scene, and all of a sudden comes across Josh, who has been shot and has a massive bloody chest wound.
  • On Twin Peaks, one of these shows us that Bob is possessing Leland Palmer. Actually, pretty any time we see Bob comes off as one of these, as he's so strange looking and was used so sparingly.
  • At the end of Breaking Bad Season 4, the wham shot reveals that Walter White had Lillies of the Valley growing in his back yard, more or less proving that he was the one who poisoned Brock, and that he's been playing Gus and Jessie for the entire stretch of the finale.
  • The shot of the scorched remains of Earth in Battle Star Galactica Reimagined.
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