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My 18 wheeler outruns your Ferrari.
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When a villain needs to kill the heroes, they hijack an 18-wheeler, forklift, mobile crane, dumptruck or other large and sturdy vehicle and despite the fact that their vehicle's max speed should be around half that of a normal car, they catch up to the faster car the heroes are driving and start to ram it. This is usually followed by a dramatic getaway where the heavier vehicle is destroyed or rendered unable to proceed in order for the heroes to escape when all they would have had to do was push the throttle down.



  • Terminator 3 - The terminatrix can catch up to a normal car while driving a mobile crane, despite its real max speed being substantially lower than half that of a normal car.
    • This happens in Terminator 2, near the start of the movie when the T-1000 chases a motorcycle in a semi tow truck.
  • The Dark Knight - the Joker chases a prison wagon in a semi truck, and while this might not matter (they are both very heavy vehicles) 18 wheelers DO NOT just take corners like that.
  • Bad Boys 2 - One of the rastafarian gangsters chase down Marcus sisters SUV in a large truck loaded with cars, granted the traffic is probably not advantageous but that counts for both of them.

Live-Action Television

  • Airwolf - While not heavier or slower inside it's own canon, In at least one episode the helicopter Airwolf flies faster than fighter jets wich normally would fly several times a helicopters maximum speed.
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