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Foreign Currency

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Needs a Better Title, which is basically the only reason I'm posting a YKTTW. This is tropable. (Well, that and some Wiki Magic.)

Basically this will be a trope for alternate systems of currency in fiction. The obvious title suggestion is thus Knuts Sickles And Galleons, after the currency in the Harry Potter series (1 Knut = 29 Sickles; 1 Sickle = 29 Galleons). This is different from Global Currency in that 1) these coins might not be global (you can't spend a Galleon at a Muggle shop), and 2) Global Currency rarely bothers to stratify its denominations; everything is charged using the same basic unit of money, rather as if the only coin in America were the penny. (Imagine paying for a sword in pennies. But that's exactly what you do in video games.) This is mostly a Fantasy trope, but could easily apply to anywhere else.

  • the aforementioned Harry Potter coins. (For those who are wondering, 1 Galleon = £5, give or take.)
  • The Name of the Wind has Cealdish currency in the form of shims/drabs, jots and talents.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has groats, pennies, crowns, stags, dragons and R'hllor knows what else; each nation has its own currency, and the author doesn't pay too much attention to the specifics.
  • me here.

Reviving this and putting it Up for Grabs. It's expanded far beyond the point that I can categorize it properly.
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