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SciFi Bob Haircut
Bobbed hair used to indicate a futuristic setting, usually with an Ascetic Aesthetic
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This is a TRS mandated redefine/Split of Bob Haircut, as seen here.

There's something about the clean lines of a bob, particularly with bangs, that suggests a sci fi setting. Despite the style dating back to the twenties (and being the defining hairstyle of the timeframe), they are still seen as a little bit rebellious and progressive. After all, Long Hair Is Feminine, so short styles can be shorthand a more gender equal society. Additionally, the simple, straight lines fit in well with an Ascetic Aesthetic, marking the character as belonging to that timeframe.

Unlike its Sister Trope the Twenties Bob, Scifi Bobs are almost always mathematically straight edges and hair without curls. Fashionable Asymmetry is also common, with one side of the bob being longer than the other.


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  • Chiana from Farscape combines this with White-Skinned Space Babe, also pictured above. Like Leeloo, it's a bit more messy than typical for the trope, but Farscape does feature a Used Future.
  • Many Vulcans in the Star Trek franchise wear their hair this way, including the above pictured Lt. Valeris, although there are exceptions. The Vulcans are, at least initially, a much more technologically advanced race than the humans.
    Kirk: Lieutenant, are you wearing your hair differently?
    Saavik: It is still regulation, Admiral.
  • Lt. Ellis, from the British series UFO, also pictured above. For some reason, her hair was also purple.

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