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Mysterious Veil
Someone wears a veil on the lower part of her face that adds to their mystique
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Pretty simple, the lower part of the face is covered with an opaque or possibly semi-transparent veil. Can also be used to cover up some feature that would give someone's identity away, or humorously a less attractive feature.

Expect this character to do a lot of Eye Takes to show their expressions.

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  • This seems to be a part of drow fashion, since Diva'ratrika, Mikilu, and Vidhy'ani of Drowtales have one. In the latter two it's probably because they're Diva's "blades"
  • Luna of Dominic Deegan first appears with one, but in her case it's to cover up her tusks.
  • Kitana and Millena of Mortal Kombat, though in Mileena's case it's to cover up her teeth.
  • There's a sketch in Tiny Toon Adventures where Lucky Duck does a mission to try for the hand of a woman in a veil who dances for him. It's Elmyra.
  • Sooraya Qadir of the New X-Men, seeing as she's an Afghani Muslim, specifically it's a Niqāb.
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