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Screen capture comics about playing through a movie as a Tabletop Game
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Twenty Sided Tales are a rising fad in the Web Comic world. The writer uses Screen Capture to grab pictures from a movie or tv show and tells a tale as if the characters involved where characters in a Tabletop Game.

Although it might not be the first true case, the comic that started the fad is definitely DM of the Rings which sparked the Irregular Comics into making Darths & Droids. Between the two of them they codified many of the rules that almost all subsequent comics follow:

The name derives from a common term used on DeviantArt, where the comic style is thriving. It references the standardized D20 tabletop system, which most comics use as the core of their rule set. There is even a Twenty-Sided-Tales group dedicated to trying to collect them all into one place.

  • DM of the Rings is the first of the modern Twenty Sided Tales style formula. Set in Lord of the Rings, it featuring a rail-roading GM, an over powered GMPC and some very put upon gamers. It codified the yellow text and most of the format that others followed.
  • Darths & Droids is the second comic, explicitly in response to DM of the Rings asking why nobody was following his example. Set in Star Wars, it focuses much more on the clashing personalities of the players and it is the GM who suffers from it. This codified most of the aspects that DM of the Rings did not, pushing more of a focus on player interaction.
  • #Twenty-Sided-Tales contains three comics so far:
    • Grand Line 3.5 is set within One Piece. While it started out as something of a copy of Darths & Droids, the writing style found itself when it established both it's lead characters as extreme power gamers and a war of escalation between the gamers and the GM began.
    • Leaky D20 is set in Harry Potter
    • Wizards And Wands is also set in Harry Potter.
  • Friendship Is Dragons Takes My Little Pony and runs it as a 4th Edition D&D campaign.
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