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Trap Door Fail
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Do We Have This? if not, How Do We Not Have This?

Needs a Better Description

The villain sits in his lair, awaiting eagerly to hear how his most recent plan was a success. Suddenly, a Mook comes running in. He looks rightened, and upset; He's got bad news. The Mook delivers the news and winces.

The Big Bad sits a moment to comprehend this recent update, before bursting into rage. He angrily berates how the Mook has "Failed me for the last time!" Convient Trap Door time! The Big Bad pushes the button, the Trap Door opens...and it just happens to be right next to the Mook who was suposed to fall in. This is usually followed by a moment of awkard silence before the villain asks, "Do you Mind?" The Mook will promptly jump into the Trap Door after this.

Always found in Comedy.

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