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No Listening Skills
Someone who's terrible at listening to other people.
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"Are you really listening... or are you just waiting for your turn to talk?"
R. Montgomery

This character never listens. Either due to hearing problems, vanity, rudeness, stupidity, inattentiveness or being in a different place as everyone else they'll barely or never get the message that someone else is trying to tell them.

In the case of someone who's vain, a jerk or off in his own world this sometimes involves actively interrupting other people. Other times they'll have to be repeated to, their responses won't match what they're responding to, or they'll only be paying half-attention and have to be told things that have already been said in the conversation at a previous moment.

This is a bad combination when paired with someone who's Berserk Button is having to repeat themselves. Of course, due to this person having terrible listening skills they probably won't recognize the pattern.

An Absent-Minded Professor tends to be this. Compare Comically Missing the Point since this might be the reason.

  • Husbands and boyfriends in media are portrayed as not being able to listen to their significant others.

Live-Action Television
  • On How I Met Your Mother, whenever Barney claims to be Ted's best friend, Ted always corrects him that it's Marshall. Barney always bulldozes this by continuing "and as your best friend . . . "

Web Original

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