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Signature Game Weapon
The weapon in a video game that moves away from StandardFPSGuns and is most well remembered.
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Weapons in shooting games tend to be a fairly predictable affair. However, some games wind up having one particular weapon that winds up sticking in the collective memories of players. Usually it's a weapon that moves away from the Standard FPS Guns and is an Impossibly Cool Weapon, but sometimes it's one of them that happens to simply be incredibly useful or cool looking that it sticks in the mind of players. It's often the gun that gets used in official art of the game.

Please note that in order to qualify, a game has to have multiple potential weapons. A game's most remembered weapon being its only weapon wouldn't count. Compare Iconic Item, which is about an signature item closely tied to a character. This trope is about one weapon that is iconic to a work, even though there are many other weapons within the work.

If the game is featured in a Cross Over, it's very likely this is the weapon that the character will be using.


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  • Halo: Combat Evolved has, of all things, the lowly pistol. It's particularly memorable due to its Gamebreaker status, as well as the fact that it is the standard weapon held by characters in Red vs. Blue.
  • Half-Life has the starting weapon, a crowbar. Thanks to Memetic Mutation, this has become as iconic to the series as Gordan Freeman himself.
  • Half-Life 2 has the gravity gun, which really wowed gamers with its impressive use of the game's physics engine and the fact that it's Awesome Yet Practical.
  • Doom has the original BFG
  • Turok has the Cerebral Bore, a gun that fires a drill that targets your opponent's brain.
  • Gears of War has the Lancer. The chainsaw bayonetted rifle is probably the most iconic image of the series.
  • Goldeneye1997: The best remembered weapon in the game is the Klobb. Ironically, it's so well remembered because it's one of the worst FPS guns of all time, being considerably worse than the starting pistol.
  • Shadows Of The Damned only has one weapon, an Equippable Ally who can turn into different guns. The pistol mode (known as the Boner) is pretty iconic due to its name, but the cake goes to the sniper rifle, The Big Boner (which is attained by having your gun call a phone sex hotline, thus growing several feet).
  • Metal Slug has two contenders: The first being the Heavy Machine Gun, which while it's mundane, the game is so Nintendo Hard that its fondly remembered for being common enough that you can get it when you need a little extra damage. The second is the Rocket Launcher, which fires homing rockets. However, its fame comes more from the announcer's iconic mispronunciation of it, sounding more like "Rocket Lawn-chair."
  • BioShock and its immediate sequel have the Swarm Plasmid, an Awesome But Practical Bee Bee Gun ability. The sequel, where you play as one of the series' iconic Big Daddies also has a drill weapon.
  • After the second game in the series was accused of stagnating, Bio Shock Infinite introduced the Sky Hook, which is a Quick Melee weapon and used for the much lauded Sky Rail movement/combat system. It's gotten a replica release, and is in fact the game's loading icon.
  • The Cartoon Bomb-firing Cannon from the Serious Sam series is an epitome of the silly but awesome gameplay of the games.
  • Dead Space: The Plasma Cutter, while one of the first weapons you can get in the game it is also the more memorable. It's also the weapon that comes with the figure of Isaac Clark, and also has a replica released.
  • Painkiller has the Electrodriver, a gun that shoots shurikens and lightning, which was popularized by the Zero Punctuation review.
  • Like the Blue Bomber, Metroid's protagonist Samus Aran also has a sizeable list of weapons, her standard Power Beam and Missile Launcher will always be her best known weapons.
  • Fallout has the .223 pistol, modeled after Rick Deckard's gun from Blade Runner and being a powerful pistol in the first two games. New Vegas included it under the name "That Gun", Word of God saying it was named so because players of the first two games tended to refer to the .223 pistol as "that gun from Fallout".

    Other Video Games 
  • Phantasy Star Online, being an MMORPG has several contenders, but the winner would have to be the Spread Needle, a complete gamebreaker that can be used by more classes than many more mundane weapons.
  • Soul Series has the Soul Edge, the evil one-eyed sword that the plot revolves around. Thanks to its shapeshifting abilities, any character can wield a Soul Edge version of their Weapon of Choice.
  • Saints Row: The Third, while not practical, everyone remembers beating someone to death with a giant jiggling purple dildo
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Master Sword. It's in almost every game, usually in the game's logo or boxart, however it's almost always the Infinity–1 Sword and is rarely used in the end game.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Cloud's Buster Sword. You'll stop using it within an hour of gameplay, but since it's plot relevant and used in all cutscenes, it's an iconic image for the game. The game's prequel even turns it into a character-significant symbol of honor and heroism passed down between characters.
  • Mega Man in any of his incarnations has his Mega Buster. He has a multitude of weapons to take, but the Mega Buster is always trusty.
    • Zero has the Z saber as the memorable weapon in all incarnations. Said saber appears in all crossovers and all the M.U.G.E.N characterizations call said saber more often than the other weapons.
  • Kirby: Along with the usual inhale, the Beam ability. Word of God says that it's his (Sakurai's) favorite ability as well.
  • Dissidia: Final Fantasy turned the Mage Masher into this for Zidane. They were just another weapon among many in his original game, but since Dissidia, his spin-off appearances and fandom depictions use it prominently.
  • Ratchet & Clank, while the actual gun he's shown with varies, Ratchet's most common weapon is his trusty Omniwrench.
  • Dead Rising 2 has the Paddlesaw, a pair of chainsaws duct taped together to form a Double Weapon. It's on the game's cover art and characteristic of the game's over-the-top weapon creation system.

    Non-Video Game Examples 
  • Star Wars has its iconic lightsabers.
  • Rival franchise Star Trek has not only its iconic handheld phasers, but also the Klingon bat'leth, a bizarre melee weapon.
  • Berserk. Guts' Dragonslayer is highly recognizeable, to the point of showing up (under different names) in games like Drakengard and Demon's Souls.
  • Warhammer 40,000 also has chainswords, which, as the name implies, are swords with a chainsaw blade adapted for melee combat.
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