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Glowing Gem
A gemstone appears to glow with its own light, like a miniature star.
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A gem is sometimes so brilliant that it appears to not merely refract the available light, but to add to the light -- possibly to an altogether ridiculous degree, if Played for Laughs.

Can sometimes overlap with Power Crystal via Power Glows.


Folklore and Mythology
  • In the Russian Mythology and Tales, specifically the byliny, large gems are commonly attributed with the ability to emit light and are used in that capacity by the bogatyrs to light the way.
  • In medieval folklore, it was held that an absolutely perfect ruby would glow from within, like a red-hot coal.

  • In The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, the titular gemstone is described as "a brilliantly scintillating blue stone, rather smaller than a bean in size, but of such purity and radiance that it twinkled like an electric point".
  • In The Silmarillion, the three Silmaril gems were made from the light of magic trees, causing the gems to glow perpetually. The light is so pure that the gems burn any evil being that touches them. One of the gems was eventually made into a star.
  • In The Hobbit the Arkenstone of Thrain (AKA The Heart of the Mountain) is described as shining with its own inner light.
  • The eponymous stormlight in The Stormlight Archive is energy that suffuses any gem exposed to one of the powerful storms that frequently ravage the setting. The glowing gems are thus commonly used as a light source, and the light can also be drawn in by magic-users or power magitek.
  • The gems used in the Haldanes' power triggering ritual glow internally when a drop of blood from the next heir(s) comes in contact with the stones. This is true for both the Eye of Rom (a single red ruby mounted as an earring) and the Ring Of Fire (a ring with red garnets set in a cluster).

  • In a very famous song, Roger Waters famously (metaphorically) described his friend Syd Barratt in such a fashion:
Remember when you were young,
You shone like the sun?
Shine on, you crazy diamond...

Tabletop Games
  • In Magic: The Gathering the art for Prophetic Prism (see also the page image) and Chromatic Star depicts these artifact gems as this. It's Justified in that they are Mana altering artifacts, capable of energy into death, holy or elemental Mana.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • The following magical gems in 1st/2nd Edition glowed either on command or continuously: Gem of Brightness, Gem of Delusion, Jewel of Obsession, the Jacinth of Inestimable Beauty, and the huge glowing orange Cursed Wishing gem in S1 Tomb of Horrors.
    • A number of 1st Edition adventures included gems with a Continual Light spell cast upon them to make them glow, such as T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil and I12 Egg of the Phoenix. Continual Light creates a white light: if the gem is colored, the light it gives off will be the same color as the gem.
  • Call of Cthulhu
    • In the Dreamlands campaign setting, adventure "Pickman's Student". While exploring the dream version of Elder Yuggoth, the PCs can encounter 4 dully glowing green gems that some Mi-go are using to restrain a Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath. Later on the PCs see one of the Mi-go sacrifice the Dark Young with a knife that has a blade made of the glowing gemstone.
    • Campaign Spawn of Azathoth. The Investigators can acquire two stones that are necessary to deal with the Seed of Azathoth. At the climax of the adventure, the stones become strange fist-sized, glowing ovoid gems that increase greatly in weight.


Video Games
  • In Colossal Cave, the Plover Room is filled with an eerie green light -- which, apparently, comes from the enormous emerald in the middle.

Western Animation
  • In one Tom and Jerry cartoon, Tom's would-be girlfriend has her rich boyfriend buy for her a huge diamond (about a metre across) -- which can only be safely looked at through welding goggles.
  • In Disney's Aladdin, the giant red gemstone in the lamp chamber of the Cave of Wonders illuminates its altar without any other apparent source of light. This could simply be magic of some kind, considering the nature of the cave.
  • In Avatar: The Last Airbender there is the Underground City of Old Ba Sing Se, which has been buried underneath the modern one. It's constantly lit by green crystal used as street lamps.
  • In the Popeye animation "Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp", Aladdin (played by Popeye) asks the genie of the lamp to deliver a chest of gold and jewels to the princess (played by Olive Oyl). The contents include several head-sized gemstones that bathe the room in colored light, including a diamond that is so brilliant the princess needs sunglasses to look at it -- and her window turns it into a spotlight to illuminate Aladdin posing outside on his horse.

Real Life
  • Some diamonds are fluorescent. This will cause them to shine with more (visible) light than is shed on them.
  • As the acronym indicates, lasers increase the amount of light effectively available by making the photons work with, rather than against, each other. The first laser was a(n artificial) ruby.
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