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The X Of Death
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You've suddenly found yourself face to face with the villain. It may appear that the villain may possibly go for the kill right away, but instead, he decides to torment you with a weapon that he calls "The X Of Death".

This is when a weapon or other item is given a name that ends with "Of Death".

See also: Doomy Dooms of Doom, Names to Run Away from Really Fast, Title of the Dead, I Don't Like the Sound of That Place (if it happens to be a location)

Subtrope of: The X of Y


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[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • The game show Street Smarts had "The Wager of Death" as it's take on "Final Jeopardy!" Each player would wager any or all of their score on a final question their chosen recorded person had been asked before the show and they'd have to guess whether that person got it right or not.
  • In an episode of Frasier Roz gets the nickname "Angel of Death" because the people at a retirement home she visits tend to die soon afterwards.
  • A spoof Doctor Who episode made for Comic Relief was called The Curse Of Fatal Death.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
  • 8-Bit Theater has the Swamp of Death. It's right after Forest of Doom and Desert of Despair. You'd think there would be a better way for our heroes to choose, but when you're trying to get to a place called Castle of Ordeals...
    Fighter: Oh, that doesn't sound so bad.

[[folder:Web Original]]
  • At the end of some episodes of Golden Book Video Killers, Grumpy and Daffy will fearfully comment about the tape being left running after a Golden Book Video ends before being scared off by what they call "The White Screen of Death" (which is a blank white tone screen). After they've run off, another character will then be revealed to be the one who set up said screen.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • The Simpsons: Bart is going to karate school, but actually he plays hooky from there and just plays videogames at the nearby arcade. When Lisa asks him what he learned, he tells her "the Touch of Death," which is really just from the game.
  • Fist of Death: wielded by Alice in the Dilbert cartoons.
  • The Dreamstone pilot involves the Urpneys attempting to utilize Urpgor's invention "The Egg Of Death" on the heroes. It is implied by Zordrak to be one of the deadliest weapons under his force, it's true power is never seen however since the Urpneys fire it improperly, cracking it and creating nothing more than a nasty stench.

[[folder:Real Life]]
  • Magic shows have "The Table of Death" where a magician or escape artist is chained or otherwise secured onto a table. Above the table is an array of deadly spikes that would otherwise impale him or her IF the restraints can't be escaped and the spike array can't be avoided in time. The time limit is enforced by a rope holding the array up which is then set burning--and is up when the rope's burned all the way through.
  • There are a lot of technological problems named like this: Blue Screen of Death (crashing of a Windows system), Red Ring of Death (Xbox 360 system failure) and Click of Death. (computer disk drive failure), to name a few.

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