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Smoking Flamethrowers
Flamethrower operators love their tobacco
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I know I've seen this a lot, but it seems that in a movie/TV show/etc., if you operate a flamethrower, odds are pretty high that you've got a cigar or cigarette clamped in your teeth at the time. Additional badass points are earned if the character LIGHTS said item with the flamethrower.

Part of the reason for this is the association with fire between his habit and his job. It can also flow into characterization where the character is typically shown with a soot-covered or lightly charred face, thus protraying him as a battle-hardened badass. Alternatetively, as having a lit cigarette that close to your fuel storage is Darwin Award stupid, it can be used to characterize the flame-thrower as a psycho pyromaniac type who has little regard for the safety of himself or teammates near him. Bonus points if his teammates never point this out; Lamp Shade if they do.

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