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Cruel Gimmick Level
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In various video games, GimmickLevels often help to break up the monotony of some of the gameplay, and are often interesting uses of the Unexpected Genre Change.

However, usually, there are often two kinds... The warm up kind you get about halfway through the game, which puts you into a level where an underused gimmick or control scheme is key. Then... this. The inevitable Secret Level or Bonus Level Of Hell which is ALSO a gimmick level. The result? Frustration. Nintendo Hard gameplay to the max, and the kinds of levels discussed here.

There is one possible sub type:

1. The Rocket Navigating Minefield

Take one alternative mode of player transport. One where the controls are usually reversed or extremely sensitive. Add a timer or some kind of fuel limit, so the level scheme might as well resemble the game Moon Lander. Make the transport method fall apart at the lightest tap, and put said object (and player character) right in the middle of a canyon filled with enemies, spikes and exploding mines. That's this.

Other types:

  • The aforementioned other two Gimmick Levels in the other Trial Galaxy levels in Super Mario Galaxy, Rolling Gizmo Galaxy and Loopdeeswoop Galaxy. Possibly also the Matter Splatter Galaxy.
  • Possibly the poison floating canal section in Super Mario Sunshine, after having reached the island it's accessed from without letting Yoshi touch the water.
  • The hoverbike level in Battletoads.
  • The mud boating in Super Mario Sunshine's Corona Mountain
  • The Pachinko level in Super Mario Sunshine
  • Tubular in Super Mario World. Mario needs to be in balloon form through the whole level or die very, very quickly.
  • Star Fox 64 is a fantastic game. Except for the level where you're in the submarine. Then you want to throw your controller at the screen and scream obscenities.
  • Scrolling levels in platformers in general.
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