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Will Smithing

Starring Will Smith as Will Smith (no relation)

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Sometimes when producers want to bank off a rising celebrity or an already established one they give them a show not only that, so people know who they are, they may give them a character with the same name or partial name. Trope Namer is Will Smith who was Will Smith in The Fresh Prince. There are two types. Type 1 is when a person portrays a Danza, or Captain Ersatz in some cases of themselves. Type II is when the actor will play essential an Adam West version of themselves as a form of self parody. It may often be created by the person as a semi biographical or satirically take on themselves hence them being a Danza.

Both types tend to be used intentionally as a career launching pad for a certain person hence having their name associated with it or to re-establish or reintroduce people to that particular person. Compare with The Danza when the character has the same name or partial name as themselves. Also compare with Adam Westing when they play a parody of themselves. Also Captain Ersatz when they play an Expy of themselves. Compare and Contrast with As Himself.

Note Example should only be given if the person on the show had their career launched or reestablished by having their name associated with it. Jim Parsons is not this trope. Yes The Big Bang Theory seems to have launched his career but the show was never an attempt to bank off his name or be associated with him in that way. Larry David is this Trope the show was meant to me about him Type I Examples
  • Trope Namer Will Smith as mentioned
  • Tim Allen as Tim Taylor
  • Bill Engvall kinda plays the somewhat Captain Ersatz as Bill Pearson. Much of the plot lines are based on his standup and his wife and two of his kids are based on Envall's own kids
  • Drew Carrey as Drew Carrey
  • subverted with Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus the show was never conceived with them in mind it wasn't until they were cast that the characters were made into Captain Ersatz's of them selves. Just imagine what Cloe stewart and her father would be like if someone like Taylor Momsen was cast. She auditioned.
  • Bill Cosby as Cliff Huxtable is a rare non Danza example though his name is in the title.

Type II Examples

  • Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld
    • Same with Larry David in Curb Your Entusiasm

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