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Lampshading Woobie
S/he's the ButtMonkey, and they know it.
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Up for Grabs, Rolling Updates, Do We Have This One??

It's taken you a long time to accept it, but now it's time to face it: You've got it rough. You got the short end of the stick. You were the unfavorite. You grew up in the especially crapsack-y part of the world, you had Abusive Parents, you never got what you wanted for Christmas, and now you're a Broken Bird with about as much hope for the future as George Carlin. Worst of all, No one ever tried to help you either!

So whadya do? Whelp, might as well start making people notice how much your life sucks.

Congratulations, you are the Lampshading Woobie!


Anime and Manga


  • Rincewind is one of these in the Discworld series. The world (actually The Lady) are out to torment him, and he sees no reason not to mention it. He also has given up on fighting the torment.
  • Thanks for noticin' old Eeyore.

Web Series
  • Tucker and Church from Red vs. Blue. He brings up the fact that he never gets the sniper rifle, and the fact that he always gets knocked out when any fights happen. Church then feels it's prudent to bring up the fact that Caboose often team-kills him and asks if he wants to switch. Needless to say, Tucker says no.
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