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Nerf By Removal
A sequel/remake/whatnot nerfs something, sort of, by not having it at all.
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  1. Is this common enough to be split off from regular old Nerf?
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An overpowered ability, tactic, or item is not available in the sequel/remake/whathaveyou. Most often occurs after a Bag of Spilling incident; while you eventually recover the things the devteam deemed balanced, the Game Breaker is mysteriously nowhere to be found. There may be a "new" ability similar to the lost one, but with much less power.

Subtrope of Nerf.

Examples (may contain Rolling Updates)

  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance does not have the Magnet spell series, which trivialized battles against enemies not immune. Zero Graviza has a similar effect, but has notable weaknesses in comparison.
  • Towards the end of Infamous, you gain the ability to summon lightning storms to devastating effect. Come the second game, this power is replaced with Ionic Storm, which is noticably less satisfying.
  • In Ultima VII, as in quite a few games in that series, you can find the Armageddon spell, which kills nearly every NPC in the game, leaving it Unwinnable by Design. In Ultima VII Part II, it's replaced with Imbalance, which is rather less hilariously overpowered.
  • The original Super Famicom version of Shiren the Wanderer had an infinite power loop involving a Jar of Duplication and a Scroll of Expansion. The Nintendo DS remake contains neither of those items.
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