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Friction Control Powers
Rubbed the Wrong Way?

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This is the power to control friction just like a Gravity Master controls gravity. Understandably doesn't have a page because very few characters outside Web Originals seem to have it.

  • Conflicto from the ASH Universe would be one example.
  • In Dungeons & Dragons there is a "slick" spell.
  • In the Ben10 universe the Kineccelerans (XLR 8) use this to achieve speeds of over 300 MPH in a instant.
  • Skids from the X-Men comics could generate a forcefield that negated friction.
  • Spider-Man villain Slyde gets his abilities from a frictionless suit.
  • John K (Best known for Ren And Stimpy) created a show called the Ripping Friends about a team of superheroes. One of their enemies was Frictor, Master of Friction.

Would likely be indexed on Stock Superpowers.
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