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Teenage characters who are always on their phone/cellphone
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A teenager who treats their phone or cellphone as if it was the most important thing in the world and are on it constantly, and this almost always leads to an insanely high bill. If they use cellphones, they may feel more comfortable texting than actually interacting with other people. When they have to babysit kids, they might not care about them.

This trope is older than cell phones; it goes back to the proliferation of the home telephone. In pre-cell phone days, this often involved a gag about there being only one phone in the house (or two phones on the same line where each extension could listen in on the other). Which made it impossible for the poor parents to call while the Bratty Teenage Daughter tied things up.

Classic trait for the Valley Girl, Bratty Teenage Daughter, and other teenage stereotypes.



Live Action TV
  • Stella in Jonas. Her attempt to give up texting results in Sanity Slippage (including ending her sentences with "send").
  • Dalia from Suburgatory is rarely seen without her cell phone, usually slumped over it as she texts.
  • There have been cellphone-addicted teens on episodes of MTV's True Life.
  • In The Haunting Hour: The Series episode "A Creature Was Stirring", Becky's father has to take her cellphone away mid-conversation to get her to stop talking.
  • In an episode of The Brady Bunch Mr. Brady gets fed up with his kids hogging the phone and running up a huge bill, so he has a payphone installed for them to use.


Western Animation
  • In Adventure Time, Valley Girl Lumpy Space Princess is constantly gossiping through her mobile phone even though she's homeless and living in a forest, on canned beans.
  • Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb is often shown on the phone with best friend Stacy. She seems to carry her cellphone everywhere as well.
  • In the episode of The Simpsons where a fortune teller tells Lisa about her future wedding, teenage Maggie is shown to have her own home phone and always be on it. The joke is, we never hear her voice during the whole episode because Maggie is The Voiceless.
  • In the Tom and Jerry shorts "Feedin' the Kiddie" and "Tot Watchers", the babysitter left in charge at Tom's house goes straight to the phone right after the husband and wife leave, only leaving the phone to punish Tom for bothering the baby (when in fact he was returning the baby after it wandered off).
  • The Tiny Toon Adventures short "I Was a Teenage Bunny-Sitter" opens with Babs chatting on the phone with her friend Harriet, but then she has to leave to babysit and says she'll call back. After meeting the parents there, she makes a sandwich and calls Harriet back, only to hang up when she has to make Duncan (the kid she's babysitting) mashed potatoes. At the end of the cartoon, Babs is sleeping on the couch while Duncan is the one chatting on the phone.
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