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When they were young, everyone dreamed of being a Rock Star. They living idols that people look up to. They follow every Rule of Cool and wear lots of tight leather and make up. They're loud. They're fun. They're rolling in girls and money. They're larger than life.

The Rock Star is often found around Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, but on occasion this is subverted and they are found to actually be the character with their heads screwed on the best. If this character is an adventure they tend to use The Power of Rock as their weapon, or failing that they will be a Musical Assassin.

Not to be confused with Rock Star Song which is a song about being one of these.

Real Life examples of this trope would fall under Music.


Comic Books
  • Marvel Comics' Dazzler was originally a mutant who can change sound waves into light waves, and uses this as part of her disco stage show.
  • The comic Greatest Hits is about a Beatles Expy rock group called The Mates who also have superpowers, but those powers are unrelated to their rockstarness.
  • Todd Ingram, in both the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels and movie, cites this as the reason why he's allowed to be a Karma Houdini. It fails. Miserably.
  • 2000AD had Zenith, an 80s superhero who was also a New Wave/Glam popstar.


  • Zal of the Quantum Gravity series is an elf rock star, though one of the points he likes to make is that he does not limit himself to rock music, because every genre can be good. Incidentally, becoming a rock star is all part of his plan to make "a lot of people free," as Malachi puts it. It's weird, but it works.

Live-Action Television


Tabletop RPG
  • Shadowrun. The supplement Shadowbeat had rules for PCs to be musicians, including rock stars.
  • Cyberpunk 2020. PCs could be Rockerboys, with "Charismatic Leadership" that allowed control of other people by playing music.

  • The Masters Of The Universe Power Tour -a live action stage show from 1987- featured a new character created specifically for the show; Songster who was simply put an Eternian rock star. The Pour Tour was the only medium to ever feature the character... which is arguably for the best

Video Games

Western Animation
  • Rock Zilla in My Dad The Rock Star prefers to act like a space case, but is actually clasically trained and can keep up with his snooty, orchestrally trained father when he is of a mind to.
  • Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The show centers around the escapades of two rock stars, Ami and Yumi, who are in the eponymous band. They perform at stadiums...when the plot doesn't get in the way.
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