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Saucy Robot Girl
An Artificial Human who delivers monotone analysis interspersed with saucy and/or sassy remarks
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An Artificial Human who, between monotone monologues effusing computed information and inhuman responses, reveals themselves to be a a pro-level Deadpan Snarker.

Other characters often have difficulty determining if these comments are intentionally flirtatious or sassy, or simply a matter of the Artificial Human's peculiarly logical personality. They often have their own strange logic and make some amount of sense, but under normal circumstances (eg: stated by a normal human) would come off as flirtatious or sassy.

Such comments are delivered in monotone (or otherwise in the Artificial Human's normal tone of voice), deadpan, making the viewer question if the Artificial Human is the world's best straight man or simply a biological robot.

Compare Lissle Miss Snarker, The Gadfly. Contrast The Tease.


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