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Item Duplication Trick
A method for replicating potentially unlimited numbers of an item within a game
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An item duplication trick (or dupe trick, as they are often called) is a method of exploiting the programming in a game to obtain additional copies of items in your possession. Almost always the result of unintentional bugs, the specific methods needed to invoke dupe tricks can vary widely, but they can be found in one form or another in many games, and are often game breaking if abused by players.

In order to qualify as a duplication trick, the method must be available without tampering with the game's files directly, such as by using devices like a Game Genie, or editing the game's code as can easily be done on an emulator.


  • Pokémon:
    • Pokemon Red And Blue. Infamous as an exploitation of Missingno. in the first-generation games.
    • In the second generation Pokemon Gold And Silver, there was a dupe trick that let you copy Pokémon, along with the item they were holding, by depositing them into the PC, saving the game, and shutting off the power while the game was saving.
    • Pokémon Emerald had a dupe glitch similar to Gold and Silver involving the Battle Frontier.
    • Pokemon Diamond And Pearl could clone Pokémon by messing around with the online trading system. Early copies of Diamond And Pearl also had another duplication glitch, where if Ditto participates in a double battle, transforms into something, then its partner takes the item Ditto is holding, the battle would end with both Ditto and its partner holding the item.
    • No such glitches have been found for Pokemon Black And White as of this writing, which means save file editing is the only way to do it.
  • Final Fantasy
    • The DS version of Final Fantasy III had a glitch that allowed duplication of any item consumable in battle.
    • Final Fantasy IV contains a dupe trick that lets you duplicate any non-key item...and the main character's most powerful sword is thus duplicable. Then you have another character who is a ninja who can throw things...
    • A glitch in Final Fantasy V which could be triggered with the Throw and Steal abilities allowed unlimited duplication of nearly any item.
    • The infamous Sketch Bug in Final Fantasy VI could duplicate large amounts of valuable items, as well as potentially screwing with your save file.
    • Final Fantasy VII allows unlimited duplication of any item using the W-Item materia.
    • It's possible to duplicate unlimited quantities of items in Final Fantasy VIII, but only if you have the Chocobo's World Pocket Station game.
    • Final Fantasy Tactics allows the duplication of any one handed weapon in the game (however, this includes some of the most valuable items in the game, such as Orlandu's auto-hasting, holy boosting sword.)
  • The Legend of Zelda
    • Ocarina Of Time allowed duplication of Empty Bottles: First you go find a fish on the playing field and equip an empty bottle. Use the bottle to swipe out and catch the fish. Quickly open the start menu and equip another item in place of the bottle. Then when you reopen the menu, a bottle will be in the place of the equipped item. Just remember, the item you chose is never coming back.
    • In Majora's Mask, by going to the Curiosity Shop with a bottle containing something (like a fish or a bug) on a C button, you can attempt to sell it. By pausing right before you have received your money but after you have chosen the item you have sold, you can choose another item (i.e a mask, deku nuts, sticks, etc.) and it will be replaced by a bottle. This can be done until you have all bottles. This is also the key to Tool Assisted Speedruns of the game, as you can skip the alien Side Quest at Romani Ranch and have enough bottles to complete the egg collection in Great Bay.
  • Resident Evil
    • The North American Version of the Gamecube Resident Evil 1 had a trick whereby Jill could duplicate 200 grenade launcher rounds.
    • Resident Evil 5 has a duplication trick available in online play for the PS 3 and through local co-op for the X Box 360.
  • Wild Arms
    • The original game has an extremely easy to use one involving moving items around in one's inventory during battle.
    • In Wild ARMs XF, you could duplicate any item you had only one of. Step One: Equip the item on Labrynthia. Step Two: Enter a battle with a Harpy. Step Three: Have Labrynthia use her ability to clone herself. Step Four: Let the Harpy steal your item off the clone. Step Five: Use the item Labrynthia has equipped. This will cause the game to subtract 2 of the item from your inventory, but since items use an unsigned integer, this just wraps around to the item Cap.
  • Azure Dreams has a dupe trick requiring the use of a familiar that can steal items (Picket) and a familiar that can change shape (Manoeva).
  • Both Diablo and Diablo2 contained item duplication tricks (many different methods in 2) which were never fully removed in all the successive patches of the games.
  • In a rare case not caused by an unintentional bug, the first two Star Ocean games both contain a skill that can be used to replicate most items in the game, including some extremely valuable ones, which can be raised to a 100% success rate if used in conjunction with another skill.
  • RuneScape had an infamous bug where a small group of players discovered how to duplicate items. It was quickly patched, but not before a large volume of valuable items entered the game's economy.
  • A dupe trick can be used in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, available only at the Trial Road location.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion originally had an item duplication trick involving bows and arrows. When this was changed in a patch, another item duplication trick involving identical spell scrolls became available.
  • Demons Souls has a duplication trick that will turn one copy of an item into a thousand copies, usable in both single player and online.
  • Dragon Age: Origins allows the duplication of any stackable item, as well as the production of unlimited gold.
  • Dead Island has an easy to use duplication trick in co-op mode.

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