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Back From The Dead And On A Mission
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Alternative title: The Revenant, but I dislike it because the classical revenant (and many fictional portrayals) is someone who came Back from the Dead on their own to exact vengeance, which is a different trope.

This trope is about a dead person who is brought back because his skills are needed to accomplish some mission (perhaps because it's too difficult for any living hero, or because someone officially dead is required for it, etc.). In short, some third party resurrects him and sends him on a quest. Will go under Beginning Tropes. Subtrope of Back from the Dead.

  • In Mass Effect 2, Commander Shepard is killed but brought back by the Cerberus who send him/her out to find out the truth behind the disappearances of human colonies and then to undertake the Suicide Mission to stop the new menace.
  • Locke D'Averam from Revenant is a general from the ancient times who has been resurrected by The Kingdom to wage war on the Children of Change and rescue the king's missing daughter from them.

This trope is not about heroes being resurrected after getting killed mid-series. See Disney Death for that. This trope is for when resurrection is used in a premise of the story.

Should We Have This?? If so, it Needs a Better Title.
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