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Teaching Fun

Character teaches another to enjoy themselves.

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The prompt for a bonding episode or new friendship - a laid-back or sociable character asks a shy or uptight one if they'd like to go out and have some fun, and are met with perplexity, depending on the realism of the series ranging from "I've never tried X - what's it like?" to a sincere literal "What is this fun of which you speak?"

Needless to say, the first character drags the second along, and if all goes well starts to defrost the ice queen/king or expose the aloof and serious character's playful side. More often than not it's also liable to set the two up for a long and complementary friendship.

Alternatively, all goes horribly wrong when the second character doesn't respond nearly as well to the experience as hoped - or turns out to have an unconventional idea of "fun".

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Anime and Manga


  • In Foundation (first book of the Collegium Chronicles), Mags learns to have fun (and what fun is) when he spends Midwinter at Soren Mender's home.

Live-Action TV
  • In an episode of The Monkees the Monkees teach a young brainiac with no friends (played by Butch Patrick) that there's more to life than schoolwork, and how to have fun.
  • Backfires in an episode of Murphy Brown when, after interviewing a Soviet Block young Olympic athelete and mentioning the things other people her age do for fun (such as watching music videos), the would-be Olympian decides to quit athletics and concentrate on fun. She didn't even know that stuff existed until Murphy told her about it.

Western Animation
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