51% Is Absolute Power
Owning 51% of a company's stock gives you complete power over that company.
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In fiction, owning the controlling interest of a company means that your commands are unquestionable. The controlling interest is almost always stated to be 51% of voting stock.

In Real Life, owning 51% of a company does not give one absolute power over it. Remember that 49% of stockholders are partial owners of the company and retain certain rights.


  • In Mr. Deeds, Chuck singlehandedly votes to sell off Blake Media, putting thousands of employees out of work.
  • In the Richie Rich movie, Richie gains control of his parents' company after their apparent deaths due to owning 51% of the company's stock.
  • Averted in IronMan. While Tony has the controlling share in Stark Industries, Obadiah points out that the board still has rights and was able to file an injunction against Tony when he shut down the company's weapons program.
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