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Equal Opportunity Offender
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Laconic Everyone Is an Acceptable Target

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Some authors like to play favorites making one side look good one, while making fun of the side they dont sympathise with.

Not in this show. In this kind of show, there is no such thing as an acceptable target. They either mock all sides of an argument or none.

This trope is never played completely straight all the time due to the fact that Most Writers Are Human and all humans are biased (at least unconsciously).

This trope applies when a show doesn't have bias for any side in a given situation.However it can be used inside the story,too. When a character is particulary offensive to everybody.



Live Action Tv
  • Top Gear. They recently got trouble with the Mexican embassy for it.
  • Frankie Boyle will attack anyone and everyone.
  • Mongrels was very free about who it set out to offend.

Web Original
  • The Straight Dope: Cecil Adams doesn't shy away from sensitive topics just because they may offend. In one column he said, "About the only people this column has failed to offend already in its checkered history are left-handed.

Western Animation

Web Original
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