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Fiery Stoic
A person with fire related powers is calm and collected instead of hot headed.
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Fire is energetic, so making people with fire related powers passionate is almost an effective form of shorthand as giving them red hair or clothes. On the other hand, there's this trope.

Giving fire users (or Mad Bombers and Grenadiers) a more stoic or calm personality contrasts nicely with their abilities. It's often justified In-Universe by explaining that they need to be calm and composed to control their chosen element. While it might seem like a complete inversion of the "usual" personality type associated with fire users, they also have a less restrained or outright sadistic personality (which might be their "true self" or might even be closer to a Super-Powered Evil Side) which slips through sometimes (in which case, expect plenty of "burning out of control" metaphors). Despite being at odds to more passionate portrayals of fire users, this can still be considered a Personality Power; the calm personality can represent the hearth and hospitality or industry which fire is symbolically associated with (and a darker, hidden personality can represent the threat fire can still pose).

Compare Genius Bruiser (for another character archetype which contrasts with their usual portrayal) and An Ice Person (who this personality is normally associated with). Contrast Mad Bomber and Pyromaniac.


Anime and Manga

  • Gandalf bore Narya, the Red Ring of Fire, which may have accounted for his skill with fireworks and flames generally (e.g. the wargs outside Moria). He's an archetypical wizard with all the calmness and wisdom that entails (although he does get angry occasionally; "Bilbo Baggins! Do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks").

Video Games
  • Yukiko in Persona 4 fits this trope to a t (her main offensive element is fire and she's the demure daughter of the local innkeeper), right down to occasionally showing flashes of a much more brutal personality (most notable after scoring a critical hit). She's contrasted with Chie who similarly inverts the personality associated with An Ice Person.
  • Blaze The Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog series not only has fiery powers, but is also a cold, aloof loner who keeps her emotions boiled up. Introverted or not, it's not a good idea to make her angry.

Western Animation
  • The Fire Nation Nobles in Avatar: The Last Airbender tend towards this. Iroh is laid back and calm, his nephew Zuko tries to be this but tends to let his temper get the better of him and his sister Azula is an evil version of this trope (right down to the sadistic side that appears in her Villainous Breakdown).
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