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Mysterious Red-Head
A red-headed character is important to the story, but has vague characterization.
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"I'm terribly sorry, but I don't seem to remember your name."
"Oh, my name is--" (Cut-away)
"Red-Haired Guy"

In fiction, it seems that they are a lot of characters that have No Name Given. There is also a lot of red heads. Then, for some reason, these characters become, at the very least, Mauve Shirts or a Mook Lieutenant. However, these characters will rarely be named or it will take a long time for them to be named. The character is usually Only Known by Their Nickname or has Only One Name. Expect this character to be called "Scarlet" or "Red". In a few extreme cases, a lot of mauve shirts will be killed and yet this character makes it through. These characters often have a Mysterious Past and occasionally have Identity Amnesia.



[[folder: Comic Strip]]
  • Charlie Brown's perpetual off-stage crush The Little Red-Headed Girl.

[[folder: Web Comics]]
  • TwoKinds has "Red-Headed Guy" who is only called "Red". He has a name, but it's a Running Gag that there is always something that interrupts him giving it. He is a decent fighter and a friend of the main hero.
  • MS Paint Masterpieces has a red-haired soldier that is part of the Fodder Force Uber Team. The entire time has been slowly wiped out... besides the red-head is back from the dead thanks to Dr. Light.
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