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A Farewell to Arms
A character loses an arm.
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Some time when a character is in a big battle with the Big Bad or against a whole horde of enemies they may lose their arm in the fight. The may count as a Herioc Sacriffice only just for the arm(s). However it doesn't always need to be cut or blown off, it can instead just be broke, paralyzed, or they may lose the feeling in it. Sometimes shortly afterwards the character may reveal that they have magic healing power or may go to a healer to get it repaired. And sometimes they may get a replacement robot arm. If they are originnaly right-handed it may force them to become The Southpaw.

Anime and Manga Bleach:
  • Uru loses his left arm trying to stand up to Ulquiora.
    • Soi Fon loses her left arm in the fight against the king of Hueco Mundo.
  • Hiei the Swordsman from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Video Games
  • Dunban from Xenoblade.
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