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Government Marriage Inspector
Where Bob and Ivana get married and the Feds go to extreme ends to prove the marriage is a fake
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A citizen and a non-citizen marry in a country where marriage is a fast-track to residency status and/or citizenship for the foreign half of the couple. An Obstructive Bureaucrat, suspicious of Loophole Abuse, dogs the couple in an effort to prove the marriage is a "fake", done simply for its convenient side-stepping of more onerous waiting periods and citizenship tests. Said bureaucrat is also apt to become deeply invested in exposing this "fraud" as a means of proving their bureaucratic mastery. The couple and their friends and family will be presented with demands for proof, and there will be forms and interviews (often with jaundiced and skeptical officials). There may even be attempts at spying on the couple in hopes of catching them not sleeping together. Often Played For Laughs. As same-sex marriages become more common, a new type of this investigation may be done to prove a "gay" couple are really two straight people trying to game the system for benefits of some kind. In U.S. settings, this is most likely done for health insurance, since health care in that country is not universal nor provided by the government to all citizens. Truth In Television: According to The Other Wiki article on Sham marriages, it does indeed occur in Real Life, not only in the U.S., but also in the United Kingdom.
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