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Boring AND Impractical
Not exciting, and it has limited usability for victory.
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There are features that can be Boring but Practical, Awesome, but Impractical, or Awesome Yet Practical.

And then there's this.

These are almost completely useless, but they don't even have the Rule of Cool to back them up. One wonders why they even exist. Maybe the owner believes in Boring, but Practical, but is mistaken for this one. Maybe he's clingy to it. In any case, it's not worth using.


Video Games
  • In World of Warcraft, cloth-wearing casters have the option to equip a wand and automatically lob sparkly bits of doom at enemies with it instead of casting spells. It used to be a means for attacking without using mana, but with changes to spells and classes there's never a reason to not cast a spell or use a cooldown instead these days.
  • The normal Attack command in any Disgaea game. After the first few chapters, you usually already have enough SP to spam Special skills anyway, and even the weakest Special is stronger than the normal Attack, so there is no reason to use the Attack command.
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