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Cool Copter
A helicopter is a cool vehicle to use, and thus some shows make it prominent.
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There were a coupl ykttw's about helicopters, and I think they were discarded. This is an attempt to get a legit trope about copters.

Also, I'll folderize the examples after launching, or if the ykttw code first is redone to accept those.
"We have a special helicopter, that goes underwater. You guys are fucked!"
-- Bonnie Knight, Angel and the Knight

A helicopter is featured prominently in a work, just because it's cool to have one.

This is because while helicopters have a pretty utilitarian use (flight in ways that airplanes cannot), it does it in such a cool way. Thus while fiction will often show helicopters doing what they were meant to do, they often make the copters a significant part of the work, even to the point of Garnishing the Story with them (as in other vehicles could be used, but a copter is better than not using one).

Ways to tell if it's this trope is if the copter is a major part of the show, whether it's the primary vehicle or among the arsenal the characters have. It could also be part of the Unlockable Content in a game (you beat a mission, here's a copter to have fun with the next missions). A Shoot 'em Up Video game will be this trope if a copter is at least one of the playable vehicles.

Now the way to tell if it's not this trope is if the copter is just there. Jurassic Park doesn't count, since the copter is just to get them on and off the island. Neither does it count if there's an evac copter in a war movie (unless it's about the evac team), so "Get to the choppa!" is not an example either. Nor does it count when a video game has a Rail Shooter where you ride a helicopter, as it's just something you are riding on.

A Super Trope to Future Copter (as most examples make them at least somewhat prominent to show them off).

A Sister Trope to Cool Plane.

Contrast Helicopter Flyswatter, Hellish Copter (in that both just make the wrecking of the copters the prominent part).



  • The film Fire Birds is about the army and DEA using their own cool copters to fight against the villain and his cool copter.
  • In the first Transformers movie, the Decepticon Blackout disguises himself as a helicopter.

Live Action TV
  • The eponymous copter in Airwolf was an experimental vehicle that the main character uses.

Video Games
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