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Shield Slinging Soldier
The best defense is a good offense repurposed defensive weapon.
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Bsically, this character uses a shield as their Weapon of Choice, and only a shield. This doesn't necessarily represent a bad choice though. In close range they will Shield Bash enemies or plow through them with a Foe-Tossing Charge, at long they can throw it (lets just hope it's boomerang designed or ricocheting) and of course use it for protection. This character tends to be a Stone Wall, though Mighty Glacier and even Lightning Bruiser at high ends are possible.

Compare Barrier Warrior. Nothing to do with Barrier Maiden. Related to but not to be confused for Shield Bash, Luckily My Shield Will Protect Me or Throwing Your Shield Always Works, which are not about the character and do not imply or require exclusive use of a shield.

Anime and Manga
  • Pearl from One Piece wears an armour that seems to be composed entirely of shields and wields two very thick bucklers as weapons. He looks ridiculous but his fighting style is extremely brutal.

Comic Books
  • Captain America isn't just an example, but is essentially the Trope Codifier in modern media.
    • The Guardian, an Expy of Captain America also created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, similarly uses a shield as his primary weapon.
    • Cap's various Spin-Off characters and Evil Counterpart -- U.S. Agent, Battlestar, Red Guardian, and Protocide -- also use weaponized shields of various sorts.
  • Barry, the Other Tick had a tick themed shield to go with his costume. It has superhuman crushing power.

  • Kar Vastor and his Akk Guards from Star Wars: Shatterpoint fight with twin shields made of lightsaber-proof ultrachrome, with the edges sharpened and powered into vibroweapons.
    • Mace Windu comments that vibroshields are like twisted mirrors of Jedi lightsabers: he uses his sword as a shield, while these guys use their shields as swords.

Troper Works
  • Soundscape has an entire subcategory of Destriers that use Empathic Weapons based on this principle, with quite a few varieties.

Video Games
  • Goofy in Kingdom Hearts rounds out the Power Trio of Sora (Cool Sword) and Donald (Simple Staff). He learns attacks that let him barge through enemies like ten-pins and spin like a top and knock them around.
  • The veil in El Shaddai is pretty neat, it can split in to two gauntlets for pummeling enemies, recombine into a shield for defense, and allows a blocking dash. It's also capable of rresisting most enemy Unblockable Attacks.
  • The Vindictus boss Solid Emuloch fights with a pair of shields, which have spike-encrusted faces and knives set in the rim.
  • There is a Paladin build on Diablo 2 Paladin called the Smiter which is this.
  • Rygar uses the so-called Diskarmors, which have extendable blades and chains that let them double as Epic Flails.
  • Ormi in Final Fantasy X-2 uses a giant shield as his weapon.

Western Animation
  • Eric the Paladin in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoons had a magical shield, it not only served as a normal shield but could extend a Deflector Shield that could protect his whole body and anyone behind him.
  • In Samurai Jack, Jack and a Spartan hold off Aku's forces with two shields.

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