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Damn, this guy knows how to make an entrance!
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A Big Entrance is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. An entrance so over-the-top and so cool, ensuring that every character's eyes are on that entrance, that the entrance itself makes it's own entry on the Crowning Moment of Awesome page.

The absolute most important things in the entrance are that the entrance itself has to be loud, it has to be overly dramatic, it has to catch the attention of all characters present and it has to be cool. There are many other tropes that can help achieve this. Such as...

  • Big Damn Heroes: Because if someone is going to save everyone from the Monster of the Week, they're going to have a dramatic entrance.
  • Super Window Jump: With the loud crash and broken glass falling like rain, it's literally impossible to make this kind of entrance without being noticed.
  • Dynamic Entry: When the entering character has their foot buried in another character's temple, you can be damn sure you have everyone's attention.
  • Unflinching Walk: Only when walking into a situation.
  • One-Liner: Occasionally, they help.
  • Incoming Ham: It helps a lot.
  • Three-Point Landing: With entrances involving a great height, this helps to say "nothing can hurt me."
  • There Was a Door: It's really hard for your entrance to go unnoticed when you make your entrance by smashing through the wall.
  • Power Walk: When done right.

The diametric opposite of the "Stealth Bye" in a Stealth Hi/Bye. While many Dynamic Entries are part of this trope, not all are. A dynamic entry is an entrance plus violence. This trope is an entrance plus drama/awesome (violence optional).


Anime and Manga
  • In Maiden Rose, Hasebe is about to kill Klaus when suddenly his sword is shattered. Following this is a two page spread of an ill Taki standing in the doorway, sporting a Death Glare, katana drawn, wearing a Badass Longcoat as a Coat Cape blowing in the Dramatic Wind against a stream of white light, with some flower petals floating around for good measure. The shocked looks from the others are pretty well warranted at that point.
  • In Hanaukyo Maid Team Konoe, the head of the security division, is introduced by having her returning to the mansion from a busniness trip together with a whole squadron of fighting helicopters.
  • Invoked by Monkey D. Garp in One Piece. How did he make his entrance? Busting straight through a wall when there was a door. Why? Because it was cooler that way. He then goes on to fix the wall.

Fan Works


  • Nicodemus from The Dresden Files does this in Death Masks. After hearing a minor character state "There's nothing that anyone can do to hurt me anymore," Nick blows down the wall, steps through with his two Mooks and shadow, and declares "No matter how many times I hear that, it's always a fresh challenge."
    • Harry himself gets in on this in White Night. Afer hearing the White Court convene, one vamp states "Who is going to call us to task [for our crimes]?" Harry takes this as his cue to blast the door, send in a rolling red carpet of flames, and challenge the vamp to a duel right then and there to the death. Quoth Harry, "Damn, there's nothing like a good entrance."
  • Kelson and Dhugal in The Quest for Saint Camber were thought to be dead after a mountain trail washed out beneath them. When they return to Gwynedd's capital Rhemuth, they arrive with their entourage via Transfer Portal (which permits instantaneous travel) in the sacristy of the cathedral on Easter Sunday morning no less.
  • In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore makes one of these after professor Trelawney has been sacked, by opening the castle's huge double doors by himself and striding through them. Harry notes how impressive he can make the simple act of walking through a door.

Live Action TV

Real Life
  • Mere months after being shot in the head, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returned to the floor of the US House of Representatives to vote on a debt ceiling measure. She was greeted with a round of applause.

Video Games
  • Balrog from Cave Story. In his first appearance, there's an ominous pounding on a door, then he smashed down the door and the wall around it, shouting (depending on the translation) either "Huzzah!" or "Oh yeah!" He even gets his own distinct theme music.

Web Comics
  • Dr. McNinja makes a pretty good entrance here, mainly as a Shout-Out to Batman.
    • Although, his entrance is rendered rather moot when you take into account that the gang he dropped in on had nothing at all to do with the plot.
    • King Radical. Chris Hastings has claimed that he could do a whole book on the entrances and exits of King Radical.

Western Animation

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