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Object Breaking Time Loop
Something breaks as a Groundhog Day Loop restarts.
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A character stuck repeating the same events over and over will struggle to figure out how to change the future (and hopefully break the pattern) each time the loop resets. An easy shorthand is to show something valuable breaking at the beginning of each loop. Since this is the first event the character stuck in the loop will face, how she deals with the object fated to break can serve as foreshadowing and symbolism, setting the tone of the current loop. One way to demonstrate that the character has taken control of her fate is to show her save the object from being broken, then purposely break it herself.


Live Action TV:
  • In the Farscape episode "Back and Back and Back to the Future," Crichton gets stuck in a time loop. At the beginning of each loop, he accidentally breaks a delicate mask belonging to Zhaan. On the last loop, he stops the mask from breaking, then calmly places it on the floor and steps on it.
  • In the Blood Ties episode "5:55," Vicki starts off each loop by breaking a goblet that Coreen gave her as a present. On the last loop, she places it in a drawer so it doesn't get broken. It breaks anyway after she escapes the loop.
  • Stargate SG-1: Teal'c starts each "Groundhog Day" Loop by getting smacked in the face with a door as he is walking down the hall. After several loops, he finally catches the door and slams it back in the face of the guy who opened it.
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