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Lower Body Blades
Creatures with blades attached to legs or feet
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I can't think of any alternate titles at the moment, but if anyone has any, fire away.

Subtrope of Anatomy Arsenal. Not to be confused with Armed Feet. Who needs shoes or attachments with blades if you have your own built in weaponry on your legs or feet?

Anime and Manga In Toriko, the eponymous character loses the use of his "knife" attack due to the loss of his arm in a fight and counters the injury by learning to use it with his legs as well.

Comic Books Action Girl X-23 from X-men being the female clone of Wolverine has two bone-claws in her forearms and one in each foot. These have been pulled out, coated with adamantium, andthen put back.

  • Animorphs The Hork-Bajir had blades on their legs as well as their arms.

Real Life
  • Many dinosaurs had sharp hindclaws, one notable example being those in the dromeosaur family-Velociraptor, Deinonychus,Utahraptor,ect
  • Many modern animals also have these. Many reptiles and mammals have claws for digging or catching prey that also come into use as weapons sometimes.
  • Birds like the Cassowary can kill with a single kick.
  • In cockfighting -- roosters, people! -- the game fowl are dressed with bladed "spurs"on their feet to augment or replace their natural talons.
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