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Hair Of Slipping Sanity
Increasingly messy hair depicts Sanity Slippage.
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Hair can tell a lot about a character with the Good Hair, Evil Hair, the long hair indicating an obsession with beauty, the smooth hair with not a strand out of place hinting a Stepford Smiler or perfection...In this case a character who exhibits Sanity Slippage showcases this through showing increasingly messy hair, either cut haphazardly, with strands coming out of place or a Slipknot Ponytail. The increasingly disheveled hair helps to depict a character's (either a Stepford Smiler or not) increasingly disheveled mental state. Bonus points if they use a Broken Smile.


  • In Beauty and the Beast Gaston's gait becomes progressively less upright, his hair wilder, and his overall demeanour increasingly animalistic.
  • Ditto Clayton during his final fight with Tarzan.

Western Animation
  • In The Simpsons episode "Hurricane Neddy'' Ned looses it and chews out everyone in town after they mess up on the job of building a new house for him. This is showed by his previously smoothed down hair becoming disheveled with a few strands falling out of place.
  • In Avatar: The Last AirbenderAzula, being a perfectionist, gets angry if one strand of hair should fall out of place. During her Villainous Breakdown we see her butcher her bangs with scissors and her hair coming loose.
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