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Tobacco Pour Femme
Ladies smoke long, thin cigarettes in a cigarette holder.
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Smoking has always been seen as masculine habit. Many of the Always Male archetypes are often seen doin' 'baccy in one way or another. You have the Distinguished Gentleman's Pipe and the Cigar Chomper. The Standard '50s Father probably smokes, while the mother probably doesn't.

But what about smokers of the female persuasion? How can a lady partake of this traditionally male practice while still staying credible as a feminine woman? Enter Tobacco Pour Femme. These cigarettes are longer and thinner than their more masculine cousins, and almost always smoked in a holder, making them look even longer. They are often smoked by Femme Fatales, and thus, are a staple of the Noir genre. Truth in Television, too, as you'll see with ads for Virginia Slims and other such fashion cigarettes. The long, thin shape looks more elegant overall. Or maybe the female sex just find something fascinating about long things.

Whatever the reason, it's definitely not a coincidence that ladies are lengthily lit.

A subtrope of Good Smoking, Evil Smoking. A Sister Trope of Smoking Is Glamorous. Contrast Distinguished Gentleman's Pipe. Not to Be Confused with a submissive Camp Gay that smokes.


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  • Yuuko from XXX Holic uses one of these to enhance her mystique.

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