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Disillusioned Idealist
Why conscience leads to pure evil.
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Disillusioned Idealist

Rousso Was Right is based on that generations do not resist socialisation, that biology does not control or influence individuals to a meaningfull degree, nothing which is nonsocial influence individuals to any meaningfull degree, and that technology and knowledge is comprehensive and simply react to social conventions.

Becouse of this, technophobia, the generation X, the generation Y, and general existence of nerds and aggressive self motivated individuals will cause apocalypse.

If someone is a idealist, then even minor dissonance between these things and Rousso was right must mean, total world destruction. If the world is not what the idealist wants it to be, it could as well be dead to him. Therefore people who do not think like the idealist deserve to be killed. At best, the idealist will callously neglect and walk over the corpses of anyone just to drink a cola, sneese his nose or any other mundane activity. Usually the disillusioned idealist is a woobie, destroyer of worlds, a knights templar and a person who is the complete monster just becouse of his conscience, he still has it.

This is a rationale why good creates evil and why having a conscience can be more evil than being beyond good and evil.

This is the opposite of In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves.
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