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Safest With The Enemy
The enemy's house is ironically the safest place for your loved ones.
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So you're preparing to have a major showdown with your most dangerous enemy. The battle could cause catastrophic damage, or the outcome could affect both of you regardless of who the winner is. Chances are, you or your enemy may not survive. As well, it may not be just the two of you--because of the severity of your combat, others may be drafted into it as well, to fight with you or against you.

Just one problem: you need to keep your friends and loved ones out of harm's way, but where are you going to send them where you know they'll be safe?

The solution lies in the depths of Irony...the safest place for them to be is at your foe's home.

When a character makes this decision, it can be for a number of plausible reasons. Perhaps there's a certain degree of respect between the two now-hostile fighters, regardless of which of them is the villain. Very likely, the enemy in question is a Friendly Enemy who the character hangs out with, or used to. Oftentimes, the assurance is because this specific enemy has a policy to keep loved ones out of the conflict, and won't invoke Revenge by Proxy.

Of course, this is not the same as I Have Your Wife, where the relative/loved one is kidnapped by a hostile force and held for ransom, or It's Not You, It's My Enemies, where a hero breaks up with his/her love interest out of fear of said love interest being targeted by enemies.


  • One storyline in The Phantom has a drug lord sending his son to stay at the home of his childhood friend, the city's current chief of police, even as he prepares to face said friend who he thinks is staging an invasion on his mansion (it's actually the Phantom himself, but the drug lord doesn't know that).
  • During the "Rogue War" storyline in The Flash, Zoom hurries his ex-wife Ashley to Wally West's house, as that's the one place he knows she'll be safe even as he prepares to enter the titular fray (the Rogues had just attempted to kill Ashley and Zoom kicked the crap out of them in retaliation).
  • In Zoolander, Derek and Matilda hide at rival dressman Hansel's place when they find out Derek's true enemies are after him.
  • In an episode of The Venture Bros. Dr. Venture goes to a party at his new archenemy's house, held in his honor. At one point he complains to his bodyguard Brock that he isn't bodyguarding him. Brock says he's safer there than at the Venture compound.
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