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Mid-battle Monologue
When a character halts the battle to give a speech about his/her resolve or a confidence booster.
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The speech usually results in a boost of power to the speaker, the people being spoken to, or absolutely nothing. The majority of these speeches usually result in the latter, and does not even provide the viewer with additional information. This is most present in anime, especially Shonen Jump. When a villain uses this trope, they usually do it in a gloating manner. This almost ALWAYS backfires on them, due to Berserk Button helping the heroes out. This is not to be confused with Rousing Speech or Mid-Battle Tea Break.

Film Animated
  • Pixar's The Incredibles loves this trope. During his first battle with Syndrome, Mister Incredible gets him to recount his Face-Heel Turn in an attempt to catch Syndrome off guard. Syndrome even lampshades the ploy: "You sly dog! You got me monologing." Earlier, Frozone is reminiscing about one of his battles to Mister Incredible. "He has me dead to rights, and what does he do? ... He starts monologing!"
  • Disney's The Lion King features Scar having driven Simba off the edge of Pride Rock. Just before delivering the coup de grace, Scar takes a moment to rub salt in the wound by whispering to Simba, "I killed Mufasa." This revelation, of course, backfires horribly on Scar.

Film Live Action
  • Return of the Jedi has Luke faring badly against Darth Vader until the catwalk collapses. Luke hides silently in the shadows while Vader exults in the "failure" of Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, when Vader hints at plying his wiles on Luke's sister, Round Two begins with Luke going berserk on Vader.

Video Games
  • During the Final Boss battle of MOTHER 3, Porky will interrupt the battle with one of these monologues after he's been taken enough damage, mostly to make fun of Lucas and party.
  • The Rouges and Redeemers 3 DLC map in "Fire Emblem Awakening" has Cynthia meet up with Erika, who interrupts her while in the middle of a monologue.
    Eirika: Hyaaa!
    Cynthia: Wh-whoa! What are you doing? I'm still monologuing!
    Eirika: But...wouldn't it be faster to just clash and be done with it?
    Cynthia: Faster ISN'T better!
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