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A Treasure Better Than Gold

After a long quest, the heroes don't find jewels or riches,, but what they do find is even better.

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So it's the end of the long quest. Our heroes have braved the pits of peril, scaled the Mountain of Doom and crossed the river of lava. Now all that's left to claim the reward at the end - but what's this? No gold or riches? Ah, that's okay, because the treasure they've found is better than gold.

A common trope on shows targeted at young children, though occasionally surfaces in other works as well.


  • In "Sky Pirates" on Dragon Tales, Max, Emmy and the dragon friends join a quest for treasure with Captain Scaliwag of the skies, and discover that his treasure is a bunch of pictures he drew when he was young.
  • In "Big Bug Valley" on Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Captain Hook joins the heroes in a quest to find the golden caterpillar because he thinks it will lead him to treasure, only for the treasure to be the enjoyment of seeing the butterfly that the caterpillar turns into. Certainly seen in other installments of the program as well.
  • In Final Fantasy XII, the treasure of the Tomb of Raithwall turns out to be the Esper Belias, the Gigas. Ashe comments that "In this Esper we now command rests a power whose worth is beyond any measure," and Balthier sort of Lamp Shades the trope by commenting "Is that so? Call me old-fashioned, but I was hoping for a treasure whose worth we could measure."
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