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A Pig Named Porkchop

An animal is named after a type of food from that animal, or other animal products.

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A form of Theme Naming where an animal character is named after, or has a Punny Name based on, a type of food or meat made from that animal, or alternatively a product made from that animal. Might have kind of disturbing implications if you think too hard about it.

Subtrope of Theme Naming. Also see Punny Name.

Compare Edible Theme Naming, A Dog Named "Dog".


Anime and Manga
  • In Silver Spoon, Hachiken got attached to a piglet, which he named Pork Bowl (with suggestions from his friends since the pig will be raised for meat and slaughtered eventually...). He later did the same with a bunch of other piglets (much to his friends' dismay)
  • In Excel Saga, Excel names her pet (presumably a dog) emergency ration Menchi, a.k.a. mince meat.

Comic Books Peter Porker The Spectacular Spider-Ham, a Funny Animal version of Spider-Man.

Comic Strips
  • Lanolin the sheep from U.S. Acres is a sort-of example. She is named after an oil extracted from wool and used for soaps and cosmetics.



Live-Action Television
  • Lamb Chop from Lamb Chop's Play-Along.
  • Vyvyan from The Young Ones tried to sneak a pig into a TV game show by claiming it was his team's mascot, Bacon Sandwich. (Granted, he also claimed it was a deformed ferret rather than a pig, but he later admitted that part wasn't true.)

Video Games
  • Several characters from Animal Crossing fit this, such as Hambo the pig, Pate the duck, and Takoyaki the octopus. For a non-food example, there's Elmer the horse (as in the glue)
  • One of the partners from Paper Mario is a Cheep-Cheep (fish-like creature) named Sushie.
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: In one of the fights in the arena, you fight side-by-side with a wild boar named Porkchop.
  • Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3 all feature canine characters named 'Dogmeat'.

Web Comics
  • X.O. Seal: One of the members of the Livestock Mob is a rotund pig named Pork Round.

Western Animation

Real Life
  • The piglet Chris P. Bacon.
  • Farmers sometimes employ this trope to distinguish animals that are to be eaten from ones that are to be kept long-term. This helps ensure their kids don't get too attached to the ones slated for somebody's dinner table.

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