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Place In A Power Field
Some buildings in RTS games need to be built on a certain ground type
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Do We Have This One?? It wasn't on Strategy Game Tropes and I have no idea how to search for it otherwise.

In some Real-Time Strategy games, certain buildings can only be placed on a certain ground type, or a ground that is under a certain effect. Depending on what it is, there may be ways to extend the effect, but other times you need to hunt it down.

A common extension of this trope is to single out a faction that needs to place most or all of their buildings on a certain ground type. This is almost always of the "extendable" type, because otherwise the faction would be useless. The central command structure is usually absolved of this requirement as well.

  • In the StarCraft series, the Protoss and Zerg need to place their buildings on the power fields generated by Protoss Pylons and "creep", which grows in the area around any Zerg structure, respectively. The former provides power for Protoss portal technology, and the latter connects the Zerg's Organic Technology. Both the Zerg Hatchery and the Protoss Nexus, the central command structures of each faction, as well as Protoss Pylons, the strucutres which generate the power fields, do not have this requirement.
    • Zerg Creep also inverts the trope, as neither the Terran nor the Protoss can build on creep, even if it's an ally's.
  • In WarCraft III, the Undead faction needs to summon their structures on Blighted ground, which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Their central command structure, the Necropolis, as well as the Haunted Gold Mine, which is necessary for them to mine gold, are both absolved of the Blight requirement, and the Necropolis generates a fairly large radius of Blight to allow for building the base.
  • In Age of Mythology, urban centers can only be built on special "Fire places".
    • Also inverted, as Gaia can create "lush ground" that prevents other teams from building there.
  • In 8Realms, resource buildings can only be put on specific terrain; Iron Mines can only be built on mountains, Quarries can only be built on hills, Fisheries can only be built on lakes, and so on.
  • In Cursed Treasure, all three tower types can only be built on their corresponding terrain type (and the tower-independent High Ground terrain).
  • In Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, this trope was played in two different ways: The Allies had a Construction Yard, which projected a very large but non-expandable field of construction, while for the Soviets, every building projected a small field, slowly expanding it.
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