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Screw The Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!
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Exactly what the title says, magic or weird abilities being used to flaut the law or some other obstacle.

  • Sliders had a world in which a group that could kill through dreams flagrantly breaking the law and killing people right in front the the police with their powers.
  • Gary Mitchell in Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • The Diana Tregarde novel Jinx High by Mercedes Lackey, a Vain Sorceress uses her magical powers to rule the local high school.
  • The second page quote for Masquerade illustrates a problem with this train of thought. That said, vampires in Requiem (and most supernaturals, for that matter) can get away with a lot considering both the Crapsack World they live in means people just don't care about most crimes, and their Masquerade clean up is top notch. (Provided you have the expertise/pull to have the clean up done for you without getting staked, mind you.)
  • "Mark Milton", aka Hyperion in Supreme Power gets this revelation along with some basic ‹bermensch / The Unfettered philosophy when he learns he's an alien and was lied to since birth to make him a tool of the government.
  • The main character uses his ability to rob banks in Jumper.
  • I don't know if it counts as "Supernatural" but The Doctor uses a combination of advanced technology (psychic paper) and Bavarian Fire Drill / Impersonating an Officer to get past obstacles.
  • Older Than Dirt: The Greek myth of Gyges (most well known from Plato's Republic) is about a man who finds a ring of invisibility and uses it to commit all sorts of crimes, culminating in seducing the queen and killing the king.
  • The protagonist in The Invisible Man also uses invisibility to steal and tries to plunge England into a reign of terror.
  • The telekinetic guy from the movie Sidekick begins using his powers for little practical jokes and stuff like that, but by the end, he's murdering people left and right.
  • Used all the time in Yu-Gi-Oh!, partly to make the games very Serious Business.
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