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This trope describes settings where a relatively large number of characters have superpowers that are unconventional, rare and/or silly. Like Captain Planet with multiple Heart-bearers.


Anime and Manga
  • Banana no Nana's protagonist has the power to ... telekinetically control bananas. Another character can do housework really quickly.
  • Darker Than Black had Contractors who could turn any spherical object into a black hole, make soap bubbles explode like grenades, detonate their own blood once spilled and conjure a PTRD-41 anti-tank sniper rifle (with exactly seven bullets) from nowhere.

  • Featuring characters with useless or unusual powers is more or less a running joke in the Lanfeust De Troy universe. This is justified by the fact that powers are randomly acquired at birth and in most cases can't be changed later on. There is a character who can fart from the ears, another who can only heal people at night and one with the power to give people heartburn.
    • In the Trolls de Troy spinoff, there even is a girl with a power that does something random each time, usually resulting in some sort of mini Deus ex Machina.

  • The Rook is chock-full of characters with rare, weird and occasionally downright silly powers.
  • The Xanth books are an excellent example of this trope. They feature multiple characters with "spot-on-the-wall" talents, a reference to one such character with the ability to make -- you guessed it -- a colored spot appear on the wall. Others include the ability to make a wish and get half of what you asked for and the power to have Very Bad Ideas.

Web Originals
  • Worm has all the standard Stock Superpowers but also numerous characters with nigh-unclassifiable abilities. Coil's for one is notably rare in fiction.

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