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I Have Had This Plot Coupon Since Childhood
Bob has had something since childhood that is important or shows that he\'s important
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Needs a Better Title, might need a better description. --- Bob and Alice need to find the Amulet of Bel-Hazar, but they have no idea where to look -- the old king gave it to his long-lost son, who could be anywhere. It's hopeless! Bob sighs, and begins to fiddle with his necklace. Alice takes notice, and blinks...

"Bob, where did you get that?" She asks. "Oh, this? It's just something I've had since I was a kid." It's the amulet, which means...Bob really is the son of the king, the chosen one, the prophecied hero, et cetera et cetera!

...So basically, this is a trope for when something a character has had since childhood turns out to be very plot-important indeed -- either the object itself is important (it's magic, it contains a MacGuffin, etc), or the character who carries it is proven to be important because of the object (someone, at some point, thought this very important thing was safe with this kid). Either way, it's something they've had since childhood. Often, they don't know how they got their hands on it, just that they've always had it.

Usually a Chekhov's Gun, brought up early in the story then ignored until the moment it's shown as important. See also Orphan's Plot Trinket and Memento MacGuffin. A sort of pre-obtained Plot Coupon. Compare It Was with You All Along, in which the entire object of the quest is to find this.


Anime And Manga

  • Crown: Mahiro's necklace, the titular "Crown", turns out to be the crown jewel of Regalia, and Mahiro may be the rightful heir. She's an orphan, so it's also an Orphan's Plot Trinket. And of course the evil usurper is after it, although Mahiro doesn't know about that. (The work is a deliberate Cliché Storm Played For Comedy, so it hits all the old warhorses.)


  • Lone Starr's amulet in Spaceballs, which he strongly suspects would tell him who his parents were, if he could only find someone who could read the inscription.

Video Games

  • In Brütal Legend, Eddie's belt buckle belonged to his late dad, who was actually a time traveler. The buckle was his ticket back. Also, Eddie's favorite T-shirt bears the name of his mom, who was a time-traveling demonic Empress.
  • Aerith's White Materia from Final Fantasy VII.

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