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The Honour of the Regiment
My Unit is Badass
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This is where a given military unit(often called a regiment) is given an almost tribalistic devotion. This applies whether it is really a Badass Army or simply an Army of Thieves and Whores. A character devoted to this would know his regiments official Crowning Moment of Awesome, would be aware of every Folktale about his regiment, and would get into a Bar Brawl with anyone who dared insult it. Often thought about by an Old Soldier or a Retired Badass especially if he was an Officer and a Gentleman.

Often retired members of a regiment will be a Brotherhood of Funny Hats

This attitude is likely to be found in someone who has served with Brits with Battleships or Kipling's Finest.

Semper Fi and Legion of Lost Souls are specific examples of this.



  • In Sword of Honour Guy Crouchback is enlisted with the Halbirdiers.

  • In Gordon R Dickson's Childe Cycle, the Short Story "Lost Dorsai" demonstrates the flaws of having regimental pride unsupported by professionalism and loyalty to the army and nation as a whole. The army of a small nation revolts against its leader, however the strong regimental rivalries make it difficult for them to work together. This flaw is noticed by the Dorsai that have been hired by the ruler of the nation as they scout out the rebel army that is laying siege to a fortess held by only handful of people. The Actual Pacifist uses his knowledge of the regimental rivalries to find a way to make the rebels fight against each other.

  • The honor of a unit is often closely connected with a unit standard. In The Eagle Of The Ninth, the legacy of the IX Legion, destroyed by barbarians in what is now called Scotland, is considered disgraced by the fact that their eagle standard was also captured. Marcus Flavius Aquila, the son of the legion commander, goes on a mission to recover the eagle in order to restore the his own Family Honor, and by recovering it he would also end up restoring the honor of the legion.

  • The Sharpe series abounds with example of the concept of Esprit De Corps. For example, in Sharpe's Eagle the brand new South Essex Regiment discraces itself by letting its unit colors be captured by the French. Sharpe attempts to undo the discgrace (and secure his own rank) by capturing a French gold eagle standard.

  • Along with every other positive trope about the military, Robert A Heinlein's Starship Troopers includes this one. When one of the Mobile Infantry (MI) recruits deserts during basic training and kills a baby girl, the entire MI spends a month in shame. The regimental colors are struck, all celebrations are cancelled, all leave postponed. The standard recruits singing lighthearted (or dirty, although since written for youths this was left out) songs while marching is paused during this time, as they march in silence. When one of the recruits complains about this, because the deserter was really no longer a member for having deserted (he was struck from the rolls and would have been arrested and dishonorably discharged), another recruit asks him if he wants a punch in the mouth for suggesting that MI doesn't take responsibility for its members, even those it would have kicked out at the first opportunity. No recruit ever brings it up again.

Live-Action TV

  • In Magnum, P.I. Higgins is obsessed with The Prince of Wales Own West Yorkshire Regiment

Real Life

Lots of regiments obviously so perhaps it is better to just take a few Real Life examples

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