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Purple Is Powerful
Purple being a color on someone cool and/or in power.
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Formerly "Purple Is Pimp".

Just to let you know this is one badass Jedi.

Purple being used to symbolize the power and/or coolness of a character, whether the character is Badass or of Royal Blood.

This trope existed at least as far back as Ancient Rome, where only the Patrician class was allowed to wear the color Tyrian Purple. Then purple became a common color for royal robes in Europe.

Then, for some reason, purple fell on the evil side of Good Colors, Evil Colors (like The Joker and Galvatron). But for those that thought Evil Is Cool, it just helped purple be seen as a cool color. Then it became a stereotypical color for pimps, hence the trope name.

This trope comes into play if it's clothing or an item on the cool or powerful character, whether it's a hat, weapon, or Badass Cape.

Now purple is also seen as one of the "girly" shades. If that comes into play, then this trope overlaps with Real Men Wear Pink.

This is not just when any character who isn't a wimp wears purple. It has to represent power or coolness.

Compare Gold Tooth, Purple Is Pretty, Purple Is Pink On Steroids.


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